When your seals corrode or fail, the most cost effective and efficient solution is to replace them with UNISEALs to acquire a liquid tight seal. Manufactured using the sophisticated material Alcryn, the UNISEAL is made for long lasting and precision connection.

  • UNISEAL replaces all the old hardware with a single injection molded unit that requires no component parts.
  • UNISEALS are now used in the Building, Plumbing, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Marine, R.V. and Petrochemical Industries.
  • Standard UNISEALS are made to fit PVC pipes 3/16" to 6" through wall thickness of 1/8" to 1/2".
  • All UNISEAL products are branded so you can be sure that you are getting the high quality product you want.
  • 25 year warranty when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The original patented UNISEAL offers long life, easy installation and reduced labor and material costs.
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    For a liquid tight seal, UNISEAL is the world’s best product. The UNISEAL provides more versatility than a traditional bulkhead, handling irregularities and curvatures with ease and is manufactured with Alcryn by DuPont for the best results. The UNISEAL offers longevity, easy installation and a reduction in labor and material costs. It is made to withstand pressure and suction as well as acids, oils, greases, gasoline, sewage, waste, heat and cold. To achieve optimal results in straight or curved procedures, the UNISEAL is the only choice to meet your sealing needs.

    Installing the UNISEAL is a simple process. All you need to do is cut a hole in the wall of the surface and insert the seal, coating the pipe with a slippery detergent and push it into the seal and presto! The Alcryn wall has become thin enough to allow the pipe to squeeze through and form the liquid-tight seal. The amount of friction with the plastic pipe is roughly three times higher than any other material providing a more thorough seal than any other material would; up to 65 PSI in static conditions.

    Uniseal products replace traditional plumbing hardware with a single injection molded unit requiring no component parts. It was designed to solve many of the issues of pipe to tank connections. For many industries pipe to tank seals are traditionally among the most complex connections to manufacture. Traditional seals require multiple parts such as, rigid flanges, bolts, washers, o-rings, along with long assembly times and high production costs.

    “Alcryn” melt processable rubber is used to make Uniseal products because it creates a tighter seal, can be processed faster, and is compatible with both water and oil based materials. It also has a coefficient of friction roughly three times greater than competing materials, which creates a better seal overall.

    The greatest asset to Uniseal products is that they are a quicker and easier installation process. A hole is cut in the side of the tank, and then the rubbery black Uniseal is inserted. Next, a slippery detergent film (i.e. dish soap) is applied to the exterior of the pipe. The pipe is then pushed through the seal completing the installation. When the pipe is pushed through the rubber-like Uniseal from the outside, the Uniseal becomes thin enough to allow the pipe to slip through. With this simple design the Uniseal solves many complex problems.

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