Have you ever thought that fish are the perfect pet?  The most basic of the species are inexpensive to purchase and to feed and require no maintenance.  That is not exactly correct. While fish are low maintenance in terms of how much they eat, how much they attention they require, and they don’t have to be let out in the middle in the night or bark at the mailman, but they do require care; especially the setting up and maintaining of the aquarium.

Some things you should consider when starting an aquarium are the types of fish you are going to have, the size aquarium you want or need, the nitrogen cycle, UV sterilizers, lighting, water temperature, food and supplements, and filtration equipment.

All these things are important to building a healthy habitat but none more so than proper filtration.  An adequate filtration system is an absolute necessity to keeping your tank clean and your fish healthy.  When choosing your filter, you should go with one that is at least double the size of your tank.  Consider using the UNISEAL in place of a traditional bulkhead for a more universal fit.

Once your aquarium is set up, and you understand how to properly maintain it, you can enjoy the beauty of your fish without having to take them for a walk or to the groomer’s.  The perfect pet indeed.
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