Water flow is one of the most important factors for having a successful marine or reef aquarium. The health of marine life is strongly affected by proper movement of aquarium water. Good water flow helps aquarium animals to breathe and eat better resulting in thriving marine life. Proper circulation within an aquarium also helps to promote stable chemistry and filtration. The most efficient way to produce water flow throughout an aquarium is by moving all of the aquarium water.

Adequate water motion within an aquarium is one of the best ways to promote a stable aquarium environment; therefore having a water pump that sufficiently circulates water in your tank is necessary to promote a healthy environment.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right pump for your aquarium to ensure better health and long life of your marine life.

Flow Rate: The pump is measured by gallons per hour in free flow condition. The size of the tank has to be considered while choosing the pump.

Durability: Aquarium pump has some parts that are subject to normal wear and tear. Some pumps have internal seals that corrode with passage of time.

Heat generation: The pump generates heat, which gets transmitted to the water. Excessive heat generation by pump can lead to increase in temperature of water, which can be harmful for fishes.

Power consumption: Aquarium pump runs on electricity. It has to be kept switched on continuously for maintaining healthy environment in the tank. A pump with lower power consumption will reduce energy cost.

Noise level: Aquarium pump does generate noise while working, so consider this when choosing the pump and the aquarium placement. Following these steps should help you choose the right pump to keep your marine life beautiful and healthy.

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