Water is the world’s most natural resource.  Two thirds of the earth is made up of water.  The problem is that 97% of that water is not potable.  Potable water is water that is safe enough for human consumption.  These days, conserving potable water is more important than ever.  With several states suffering from severe drought conditions, drinking water is an endangered resource.

There are many ways to conserve water, but a great start is your irrigation system.  Ensuring your sprinkler system is operating properly is not only important for having a great looking lawn, but also to reducing water consumption.  You should adjust sprinklers to put water only onto your lawn without over spray onto streets, walks, buildings or neighboring yards.

Using an automatic timer can help you prevent over watering.  Setting the timer for early in the day will help you get the best results.

Check for leaks by looking for soft, very wet spots or water flowing up around sprinklers indicating a broken pipe or a leak.  Consider replacing the current connection with the UNISEAL for a long lasting, watertight seal.

Taking these small actions will help you conserve gallons of water each day.

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