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Starting a Reef Aquarium

Posted by Aussie Globe on 8/26/2014
Reef aquariums can bring beauty to any space. The brilliant colors can brighten any room in your home or office.

Are Fish the Perfect Pets?

Posted by Aussie Globe on 8/22/2014
Have you ever thought that fish are the perfect pet? The most basic of the species are inexpensive to purchase and to feed and require no maintenance. That is not exactly correct. While fish are low maintenance in terms of how much they eat, how much they attention they require, and they don’t have to be let out in the middle in the night or bark at the mailman, but they do require care; especially the setting up and maintaining of the aquarium.

The Purpose of a Wave Maker in an Aquarium

Posted by Technical Support User on 7/31/2014
If you are planning to start a marine aquarium then you must be aware that there are a few things such as protein skimmers and wave makers which are absolutely necessary for your aquarium. This article is going to elaborate on the purpose of a wave maker in an aquarium. As well as provide some tips that can help you choose a wave maker for your aquarium.

Sump Pump for your Basement

Posted by Jennifer on 7/21/2014
Could there be anything worse than finishing your basement man cave complete with big screen TV, pool table, dart board and the most comfortable recliner on the market only to have the room damaged by flooding?

Conserving Water with Proper Irrigation

Posted by Jennifer on 7/21/2014
Water is the world’s most natural resource. Two thirds of the earth is made up of water. The problem is that 97% of that water is not potable. Potable water is water that is safe enough for human consumption. These days, conserving potable water is more important than ever. With several states suffering from severe drought conditions, drinking water is an endangered resource.

Growing Vegetables Hydroponically

Posted by Aussie Globe on 7/15/2014
Even if you don’t have a big patch of dirt to grow a traditional garden, you can still enjoy garden vegetables.

Enjoying Koi

Posted by Aussie Globe on 7/15/2014
Koi are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens. Because of their bright and beautiful colors, many people have put ponds in their yards to enjoy the spectacular presence of koi.

Relaxing with the Sound of Water

Posted by Jennifer on 6/4/2014
In today’s world, a busy and oftentimes stressful lifestyle is the norm. Careers, relationships, children and so many other things contribute to the fast-paced lifestyle that keep people from being able to enjoy life.

A Garden of Your Own

Posted by Jennifer on 5/29/2014
There is nothing that tastes better than taking that first bite of a vegetable grown in your own garden. If you are an apartment, condominium or townhouse dweller or in an area with harsh weather conditions, you probably think you can’t have your garden, but that is no longer true. You can grow your own veggies in a very limited space, without a traditional dirt patch.

Choosing an Aquarium Pump

Posted by Jennifer on 5/22/2014
Water flow is one of the most important factors for having a successful marine or reef aquarium.  The health of marine life is strongly affected by proper movement of aquarium water. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.8/5 based on 1682 ratings and reviews